We are a close-knit team of experienced software developers, each with our unique skills and experiences that we bring to the table.

Our history

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We founded MEWB to create a place where we could unfold and grow further as developers to our full potential. The passion for development and the desire to find a community that allowed us to excel and be as creative as we can be, served as the foundation of our collaboration.

We have each individually been part of great teams in the past, working on projects for industry leaders in Norway as well as global brands. Our paths crossed during these various projects and we built both friendships and professional relationships that we considered rare and valuable. We share the same vision and the same values , while our differences complement one another to produce outstanding results and processes.

Throughout our extensive experience with various projects over the years, we have encountered significant challenges that have left us just as emotionally invested as our clients. After all, who wouldn't feel a genuine concern for their product when faced with scalability issues, poor user experience, loss of talented personnel, and increasing maintenance costs? At MEWB, passion and commitment are shared traits among our team members. However, in past project engagements, we often found ourselves relegated to mere puzzle pieces. We all share an innate desire to oversee a project from start to finish and maintain autonomy over the final product.

Our approach

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Our focus is on equipping our clients with a technical advantage to achieve their goals and aspirations. As software developers, we take pride in our expertise and continuously strive to comprehend our clients' needs and desired outcomes. Our aim is to strike the ideal balance between professionalism and amiability, structure and creativity, delivering a result that exceeds our clients' expectations while addressing all their requirements and even going beyond

In our experience, the ideal approach to achieve this involves a team that fosters a creative atmosphere, shares seamless chemistry, and displays an unwavering commitment and eagerness to solve diverse problems, just as much as our clients do. 

The main driving force behind the existence of MEWB is our unwavering commitment to our clients. We function as an in-house team of highly skilled software developers, who have both triumphed and stumbled together in the past. Our team is highly motivated to tackle any challenge presented to us and strive to understand our clients' needs and objectives to develop the best possible solutions in partnership with them.