We developed the software in Photosynthesis,

a system that tells your plant performance

We developed the software in
Photosynthesis, a system that tells
your plant performance

We developed the software in Photosynthesis,
a system that tells your plant performance

With more than a decade of experience in the LED technology domain, Rift Labs consistently expanding the horizons of light science through the creation of Photosynthetic.

The future is sustainable food production

Environmental challenges demand sustainable food production solutions. Indoor farming and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) systems are the future of food production.

Photosynthetic's software solution delivers precision control over growth conditions with a intuitive human to machine interface (HMI) that enables the creation of highly customizable and consistent lighting environments tailored to each plant's unique requirements throughout its life cycle.

In collaboration with Rift Labs, we developed the software used in Photosynthetic

The solution we buildt manages and automates communication with the connected hardware and cloud solution.

From the outset, our goal was to make the software routing to hardware sensors as robust as possible. To achieve this, we planned and implemented a reliable cloud infrastructure that handles over-the-air firmware updates and patches. To make sure that the software is secure and reliable, we implemented a range of security measures to protect it from malicious attempts to access and modify the software.

User interface enables seamless interaction

A user-friendly interface enables seamless interaction with the connected hardware, ensuring that growers can fine-tune conditions to maximize yields and improve both taste and the overall quality of their end products. Intuitive user interface allows growers to easily manage and adjust settings for their indoor growing environment.

Users can quickly and comfortably navigate the system, even if it is their first time using it.


Fine-tuning your growing

By adjusting intensities, temperatures, and wavelengths, the software ensures that each plant receives the optimal light spectrum and intensity at any given stage of its each life cycle growth.

Precision lighting control delivers significant energy savings, reducing operational costs for growers

The software monitors and processes data from numerous sensors to achieve this, tracking variables such as temperature, humidity, and light levels within the indoor growing environment. This information allows the software to make real-time adjustments to the lighting system based on users research and protocols, ensuring that plants receive the precise amount of light they can absorb at each life cycle stage.