MEWB Handbook

Our Culture and Philisophy

How we work

At MEWB, we pride ourselves on being an in-house project-based company. This means that instead of our team members being dispersed across various client locations, like many consulting firms, we focus on taking on projects within our own office. This allows for a strong sense of collaboration and teamwork among our employees, as they are able to work closely together on a daily basis.

Work hours

We work 37.5 hours a week. Except for that, we don't really have traditional work hours. Whether you're a night owl or an early bird we understand that creativity cannot be crunched into a time slot. As long as you maintain good communication with your team, you have the flexibility to choose the hours that best suit your needs and creativity.


At MEWB, we understand the importance of continuous learning and skill development. We make it an integral part of our workday by reading or engaging in other activities that boost our knowledge and skills. This way, we are able to integrate professional growth as an integral part of our daily work.


Our offices are designed to foster creativity and productivity, with a comfortable lounge-like atmosphere and an abundance of artwork adorning the walls. A place where our team can come together to socialize, build things, or simply hang out.


We believe in the benefits of staying active and healthy for both mind and body, that's why we extend an open invitation for all employees to join us in regular training sessions, running together during work hours and sauna sessions. No pressure tho!


We think it's important that everyone has equipment of high quality to do their job well. As long as you can argue that you either need it, or it will boost productivity we'll buy it.


At MEWB, we respect our employees' creative ideas and ensure they retain intellectual property rights for projects outside of their work with us. Just let us know about any such projects.


We always do our best to avoid having to work overtime and see it only as a last resort. Overtime work must always be approved ahead of time.

As per Norwegian law, overtime is compensated by a 40% pay increase. Additionally, employees have the option to take time off for each hour worked overtime and receive only the 40% overtime pay for those hours.


As a small independent studio, our team members get the opportunity to play a larger role in shaping our future and culture.